Online Coding Python programs 7 weeks Level 2

Location: Virtual classroom online

Age: 9 year old or up

Coding experience: basic knowledge on Python (need to complete level 1 Python first)

Other requirements: computer, headphone, webcam (optional), internet

In just 9 weeks, students will learn how to program in Python and create simple apps and games. Each class will be filled with fun and engaging lessons that will teach them different concepts of programming, while they build up their skills and learn to code.

From the very first class, students will start with simple programming and work their way up to creating more complex programs using Index,if, while etc functions. Students will also learn how to build graphic app using Tkinter. Our instructor will make sure that every student understands the concepts and provide examples for each one.

This is a unique opportunity for kids to learn a valuable skill that will not only enhance their problem-solving abilities but also give them a head start in the technology industry. Python is a popular programming language and is used in many industries, including web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and much more.

So don't wait! Enroll in our online Python coding program today and give them the gift of coding. This program is designed for beginners, so even if you have never coded before, they will still be able to keep up with the class and learn new skills.

Date & Time

September 10, 2023

Start - 12:00 PM Sunday

October 22, 2023

End - 1:30 PM US/Mountain

RoboThink Edmonton

+1 780-818-1080

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