Robotics Summer Camp Half day at Callingwood

Summer Camp Robotics Half Day at Callingwood Community Hall
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Thanks for registering RoboThink Robotics Summer Camp at Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall. This is a half day camp from 9 am to 12 pm. Door open at 8:30am for earlier dropoff. In this camp, students at age 7 to 14 year old will learn engineering and build different robots or machines in construction industry. It is a fun and educational program!

Camp location: 18740 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5E9

Robotics Summer Camp Half day at Callingwood (2021-08-23 - 2021-08-27)
Date & Time

August 23, 2021

Start - 9:00 AM Friday

August 27, 2021

End - 12:00 PM US/Mountain

Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall

18740 72 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5T 5E9 Canada
--Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall--
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