[Summer camp] Robotic Amusement Park camp July 10-14 Callingwood

Registration for [Summer camp] Robotic summer camp full day (9am-4pm) July 10-14 Callingwood
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[Summer camp] Robotic summer camp half day morning (9 - 12pm) July 10-14 Callingwood
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[Summer camp] Robotic summer camp half day afternoon (1-4pm) July 10-14 Callingwood
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Thank you for registering the RoboThink  Robotic Summer camp at Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall.

Date: July 10 - 14th

Full day: from 9am to 4pm
Half day: Morning from 9am to 12pm, or Afternoon from 1 pm to 4pm

Age: 7 to 12 year old

Location: Callingwoom/Lymburn Community Hall (18740 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5E9)

 Join us at Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall for the ultimate robotic camp from July 10 to 14! The theme of the camp is Amusement Park Tycoon, and your child will have the chance to create their own amusement park from start to finish!


Throughout the program, your child will learn about gear ratios, potential/kinetic energy, centrifugal force, and more. They will apply these concepts to the design of their amusement park and rollercoasters, as they build and test their own rides.


But that's not all! Our camp also offers an entrepreneurial perspective on running an amusement park. Your child will learn about setting prices, marketing their park, and designing the layout to maximize profits.


This camp is perfect for kids who are looking for a fun and engaging way to spend their Summer Break. Our expert instructors will guide your child through the program, offering a hands-on approach that will develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.


By the end of the week, your child will have a deep understanding of the science and business behind running an amusement park. They'll also have created their own park, complete with a name, rides, and pricing strategies.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, create, and have fun at the same time! Register your child today for our Amusement Park Tycoon robotic half day camp at Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall.

[Summer camp] Robotic Amusement Park  camp July 10-14 Callingwood (2023-07-10 - 2023-07-14)
Date & Time

July 10, 2023

Start - 9:00 AM Friday

July 14, 2023

End - 4:00 PM US/Mountain

Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall

18740 72 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5T 5E9 Canada
--Callingwood/Lymburn Community Hall--
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